Team vs Team – June 2021


  • Drivers for Spa:

      1. TISC_ER-FRA_04
      2. TISC_Riders2469
      3. TISC_Arghe1925
      4. TISC_Matte4-MORI
      5. TISC_TheKing446
      6. TISC_Ale178
      7. TISC_sventro90
  • Host Spa: TISC_Matte4-MORI

  • Streamer Spa: Mad-MaxNL

7/6/2021 Spa Francorchamps

Circuit Spa Francorchamps
Time circuit 12:00
Race duration 22 laps
Category OneMake Lexus Au TOM’S RC-F’16 Gr.2
BOP yes
Start grid with jump start
Order qualy order
Boost no
Slipstream realistic
Mech. Damage yes, soft
Max Tires soft
Min Tires medium
Tire rules Required to use both
Tire deg. 7x
Fuel cons. 5x
Start fuel Standard
Grip reduction Realistic
Race finish .l
Ghosting during race no
Penalty corner cutting yes, soft
Penalty wall no
Penalty side contact no
Correction wall no
Replace car no
Flag rules yes
Ghost lapped car no
Tuning no
Quali time 10 minuutes
Quali extra time 120 sec
Tire deg. during quali same as race
Fuel cons. during quali same as race

Penalty zones:

When you get a time penalty, you are only allowed to brake it off in the penalty zones marked red on the map. Other places are not allowed as it may cause incidents; you drive as normal to the next penalty zone, go off the racing line and brake it off there.

FP Sim Racing (NL)

  • Drivers for Spa (in random order):

      1. SanderJanne
      2. Ree__75
      3. RdeGast010
      4. SOG-VDB
      5. JJoyRideRR
      6. Jeffrey-168
      7. PTR-Racing
      8. JurgenKramer12 (backup)
  • Host Sardegna A: t.b.a.

  • Streamer Spa: Mad-MaxNL

21/6/2021 Sardegna A

Circuit Sardegna A
Time circuit 13:10 Sunny
Race duration 1h
Category Gr.3 Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016
Start Grid start with check
Order Qualification order
Boost Off
Slipstream Realistic
Mech. Damage Low
Max Tires Racing Soft
Min Tires Racing Medium
Tire rules Required to use both
Tire deg. 3x
Fuel cons. 3x
Start fuel 50%
Grip reduction Realistic
Race finish 2m
Ghosting during race Off
Penalty corner cutting Low
Penalty wall Off
Penalty side contact Off
Correction wall Off
Replace car Off
Flag rules On
Ghost lapped car Off
Tuning Off
Quali time 10m
Quali extra time 2m
Tire deg. during quali Off
Fuel cons. during quali Off

Penalty zones: